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Welcome to NEW HORIZONS – The Story of "Healing and Hope after the Pain of Divorce"

This is a book about hope, healing, and new beginnings. It is specifically for anyone who has struggled through a painful divorce and is now trying to start over. My life took a dramatic turn a few years ago when my wife decided to divorce me after 19 years of marriage. To be fair, I don’t blame her for the decision. While there had been problems in our relationship for years, my actions just prior to the divorce were irresponsible and caused us to be permanently wedged apart. In the span of a few short months, my life completely fell apart. My family split up as I moved out of my house and, regrettably, apart from my three children. I resigned my position as the pastor of a prominent church in the community and left the ministry, surrendering my ordination credentials to the United Methodist Church. Ridden with guilt, I made the mistake of choosing not to hire an attorney and gave everything I had to my wife in the divorce settlement. Fighting depression and in financial ruin, I secluded myself away from anyone and everyone who loved me or tried to help. I lost my identity, personally and professionally, and entered into an emotional tailspin from which I almost didn’t recover. There were moments when I questioned whether or not it was worth it to go on. But I did go on and eventually, I healed and recovered. It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen quickly, but it did happen. I addressed the issues that I had to address and worked hard to improve my situation. As a result, I was able to make a new beginning in my life. My goal now is to help others who want and need to do the same. If you’ve been through the pain of divorce and are struggling to put the pieces of your life back together, or if you are wandering through life feeling lost, hopeless or alone, then this book is for you. Born out of my own experience in starting over and offering the practical wisdom of my 25 years as a professional counselor and pastor, New Horizons can guide you as you take the steps to improve you life, heal, and move forward . . .